I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Dinner with my Dad

Posted by GoddessMC On Wednesday, November 25, 2009 0 Comments

Me and my family love to eat and we make it a point that we eat together as a family. Especially if all of us are around, like every Sunday, holidays and/or special occasions.

November 1 was a holiday! Another chance for us to eat together but.. I have a company retreat to attend to and my mother and three other siblings will go to Laguna. So it was just me and my father left in the house.

It was tiring to travel from Tagaytay to Subic then back to Manila. My company held our annual retreat at Tagaytay last week of October. After that, I visit a friend a day before I went back home in Manila.

On the bus terminal, I thought of dropping by at the supermarket before heading home to buy some grocery items. My mom always put canned food stocks just in case she's not around to cook a decent meal.

Since I was out of the house for days, I am not sure if there are enough stocks for us at home since my Mom will be in Laguna on All Saints’ day.

One thing I know, Mom+Not Home=No decent food!

So I went to the canned good aisle to get few. As I stroll around the aisle, I saw this new Century product which is the Century Bangus Fillet. Out of curiosity, I bought some and took it home.

When I got home, my Dad was alone in the house. All my brothers and sister went with my Mom in Laguna to visit my Grandma.

The whole day I stayed in my room just watching television while browsing the Internet. With much busy-ness, I realized that it was time for dinner. I was too lazy to cook and honestly, I’m not really a cook person. I am better in eating. Too lazy to get out of my room, I stayed there and watch more tv.

After an hour of endless tv watching, I smelled something burning. I went out to see my dad’s pork chop being spoiled. Yup! There goes our dinner! It end up as my dog’s dinner!

Good thing that I bought Century Bangus Fillet! My dad and I were starving and can’t afford to cook another pork chop so I offered Dad the Century Bangus Fillet for dinner. With two plates on my hand together with toyo and calamansi, I prepared our dinner. Dad’s face changed on his first spoon of his meal. He was impressed by the taste and the convenience of Century Bangus Fillet.

The next day, Mom and my siblings arrived and asked us how was our day without her in the household. Dad bragged about the Century Bangus Fillet we had last night and offered them to serve lunch with me and my Dad's new favorite, the new Centruy Bangus Fillet!