How rude can a person be?

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Can these pictures qualify?

Snatching the mic..

"I'll let you finish."

"I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!"

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me"won Best Female Video over Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" in the MTV Video Music Awards 09. While making her speech, Kanye West crashed the stage and stole what would have been Taylor Swift shining moment. Kanye said, "I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!" I agree with him, Beyonce's video of Single Ladies is better the Taylor's but... why do that?? Steal the microphone from a 17 year old who just got her first MTV award? That's rude and so immature of him.

Taylor Swift never got to finish her speech, she just left the stage with her mouth open.

Later on the show, Beyonce won Video of the Year award and on her speech she said how she felt the first time she won an MTV award when she was 17.

Then, she called Taylor Swift to come on stage.. let her have her moment.

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On a Rainy Day..

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You asked, what do I do on a rainy day?

I have two answers for this one question.

Scenario 1: Its raining and I have to go to work.

I hate having to do this! I wish there is an option for me NOT to go to work if its raining!


Nakakatamad bumangon ng maaga!
As simple as that.

Another thing is, Since I don't own a car, I have to commute in order to go to my school. And you know how heavy the traffic is if its raining. AND there are arrogant drivers that will not speed down when they saw you walking near a puddle of water. What happens? Ayun, matatalsikan ka lang naman ng putik!

As soon as I arrive at the office, I will pray that it will continue to rain.


Because classes might get suspended! Since I work at a school, if classes are suspended, more or less, 'suspended' din ako!

Scenario 2: Its raining and I have no work.

This scenario, I love love love!

Here's the plan.

I will wake up very late in the morning. Around 10 or 11am. As soon as I wake up, I will ask my mother what's for breakfast. After eating, I will go back to my bed. Sometimes, I eat breakfast in my bed. So, the plates I used stays with me in my room! Haha!

After eating, I will lie on my bed again; with the remote on my hand, I will browse which shows/programs I will watch. If nothing catches my attention, I will open the laptop. I will check my mail and play games in Facebook. After sometime, I'll get hungry! Again, I will ask my mother, "what's for lunch?"

After I finished my lunch, I will continue watching TV and resume with my online "obligations". Maybe I'll feel sleepy. Eh di matutulog ako, I'll take a nap.

Upon waking up, siguro mga 6pm na, I'll be wishing that the day be longer because it might not rain again tomorrow or worse, work work work again the next day. No more lazy day for me..

That's it. My usual rainy day habit! Sleep and eat all day long!

What's your rainy day ritual?

Love on the Internet

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What's your thought on this?

If this question was asked to me a year ago, my answer would be, "Impossible! Mga naglolokohan lang tao sa internet!"

But ask me now and my answer would be... wait! I don't have to answer this! I am guilty! Guilty of finding love on the internet.

Here's the story,

I was a member of a forum online and late June 2008, I received a PM from someone. The message was brief, not more than five sentences even. Just asking where I am from and hopes that maybe we can be friends. Because we share the same interest, I responded. She replied to my message, I replied once again. Soon enough, we're friends. We exchanged mobile numbers, email address, added each other on Friendster, etc.

One day, this person wanted us to meet personally. What did I do? I ignored the offer, thinking that I will never have the courage to stand in front of this person. But eventually, I gave in. We met and I realized something. I am in love with this person.

Our first meeting was followed by another and another and another and another. With each meeting I am falling more deeply in love not thinking if my feelings will be reciprocated, I just keep on falling.

One night, a crazy idea popped in my head, maybe this person is in love with me too. With palms sweating and my heart beating a million times faster, I asked this person to be mine.


The answer I've been waiting for.

1 year and 3 months later,

We are friends.

And in love with each other.

Life is good!