Love on the Internet

Posted by GoddessMC On Thursday, September 10, 2009 3 Comments
What's your thought on this?

If this question was asked to me a year ago, my answer would be, "Impossible! Mga naglolokohan lang tao sa internet!"

But ask me now and my answer would be... wait! I don't have to answer this! I am guilty! Guilty of finding love on the internet.

Here's the story,

I was a member of a forum online and late June 2008, I received a PM from someone. The message was brief, not more than five sentences even. Just asking where I am from and hopes that maybe we can be friends. Because we share the same interest, I responded. She replied to my message, I replied once again. Soon enough, we're friends. We exchanged mobile numbers, email address, added each other on Friendster, etc.

One day, this person wanted us to meet personally. What did I do? I ignored the offer, thinking that I will never have the courage to stand in front of this person. But eventually, I gave in. We met and I realized something. I am in love with this person.

Our first meeting was followed by another and another and another and another. With each meeting I am falling more deeply in love not thinking if my feelings will be reciprocated, I just keep on falling.

One night, a crazy idea popped in my head, maybe this person is in love with me too. With palms sweating and my heart beating a million times faster, I asked this person to be mine.


The answer I've been waiting for.

1 year and 3 months later,

We are friends.

And in love with each other.

Life is good!

3 Comments to Love on the Internet

  1. says:

    SgtMackAllen Sweet! From reading, I felt that you are truly in love! Good for you! Let's celebrate love! Love does very unexpected ways...

  1. says:

    GoddessMC Yes I am very much inlove!

  1. says:

    PoisonKagero Ohhh congrats! That's so sweet. I am somewhat working on one... we met in uni but he's not here now so we actually got to know each other more online. Wonder how it'll go! :P... but anyway good luck with yours!