Bagyong Ondoy

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Last Saturday, September 26, 2009 bagyong Ondoy hit our country.

I went to work that day thinking that it will be just like any work day I have. Come nine in the morning, it started to rain. I was clueless of what was happening outside since my room have no windows in it. But I can hear the loud pouring of rain. 10am came and I went outside to take a peek at what's happening outside.

Ang lakas ng ulan!!!

At 11 am, my Mom called, saying that water is now entering our house. I was shocked to hear that! I can't believe what my Mom told me. It rarely floods in our area. I can't even remember when was the last time I saw flood on our street. But on that day, the flood went inside our house. My mom informed me about the situation and advised me that maybe I should stay at school for awhile and let the rain settle down first. Good thing I didn't follow my mother's advise because when I went down from the building I'm in, that was 11:30am, water was beginning to make its way inside the building.

As I was walking towards the exit gate, I was shocked to see that water is making its way into our school! Some offices that are located at the ground floor are beginning to put their valuable things on top of their tables/desks.

When I neared the gate, I have no choice. I pulled up my pants and proceeded to walk inside our flooded campus. Here are some pics.

Stone tables where students take their lunch.

School grounds.

I have to walk to this hallway to "time-out" flood is slowly making its way.

Hallway going to the College Department. If you go further this hallway, the flood is much higher.

Gate 1 (exit gate) The water is about 2-3 inches high.

Outside our school.

Ambilis umakyat ng baha..

The most popular mode of transportation that day.

That's my feet inside the pedicab!

The pedicab asked for 50 pesos but I gave him 60. Nakakaawa eh, hinihila/tinutulak nya yung pedicab tuwing lulusong sa mataas na baha.

After riding the pedicab, I ride a tricycle home. The ricycle driver only asked for 25 pesos which I though was very cheap. Akala ko mahal nya ako sisingilin kasi umuulan at baha.

This is the situation in our house when I got home.

I got a 1 week vacation because of the typhoon and now, everything seems back to normal for me. I am now back at work.

I only have few pictures taken, I would have taken a lot but I got too scared that I will drop my phone. Hehe!

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